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Why Should You Consider Taking a German Concentration Camp Tour?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Concentration Camp

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German concentration camps played a dark and significant role in history during the period of World War II and the Holocaust. Visiting these sites can be both emotionally challenging and important for understanding the atrocities committed during that time. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why you should consider taking a German concentration camp tour, the key aspects you need to know before planning your visit, and provide valuable tips to make your experience as meaningful as possible.

Understanding the Historical Significance

German concentration camps were used by the Nazi regime to imprison and systematically exterminate millions of innocent people, including Jews, Romani people, Polish citizens, Soviet prisoners of war, and many others. Visiting these sites allows us to confront the past, acknowledge the victims’ suffering, and learn valuable lessons to prevent history from repeating itself.

Commemorating the Victims

One of the primary motivations to visit concentration camps is to pay tribute to the victims and honor their memory. It is essential to remember the individual lives lost and acknowledge their stories, as this helps to humanize the unimaginable scale of tragedy.

By visiting these sites, we can develop a personal connection and understand the immense human suffering that occurred. Memorials erected at the camps serve as a reminder of the terrible injustice and provide a place for introspection and remembrance.

Choosing the Right Concentration Camps to Visit

Germany has several concentration camps that are open to visitors today. Some of the most well-known camps include Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dachau, Sachsenhausen, and Bergen-Belsen. Each camp has its own unique history and significance, making it important to research and choose the most suitable ones for your visit.

Consider your interests and the specific historical context you wish to explore. While Auschwitz-Birkenau is the most visited and widely known camp, Dachau, located near Munich, was the first camp established and served as the model for all subsequent concentration camps. Sachsenhausen, just outside Berlin, offers a comprehensive overview of the camp system, including early experiments in mass murder techniques.

Ensure Availability and Accessibility

Before heading to any concentration camp, it’s crucial to check the availability of tours, opening hours, and any specific visitor requirements. Some camps require advanced reservations and have restricted access to certain areas. It’s also advisable to check if there are professional guides available or if audio guides are provided. These resources can enhance your understanding of the history and stories associated with the camp.

Making the Most of Your Visit

Engage with the Guided Tours

Most concentration camps offer guided tours led either by knowledgeable staff or professional guides. Engaging in a guided tour can provide valuable insights, historical context, and enhance your overall understanding of the camp’s significance.

During the tour, don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek clarification on anything that you find confusing or want to know more about. Remember, the guides are there to help you navigate the emotional and historical complexities of the site.

Respectful Conduct and Reflection

As you walk through the camp, it’s essential to maintain a respectful and contemplative demeanor. These sites hold immense historical weight, and it is crucial to approach your visit with the utmost respect for the victims and survivors. Avoid any behavior or actions that could be interpreted as disrespectful or insensitive.

Take the time to reflect on what you have experienced. Find a quiet spot within the camp where you can gather your thoughts, pay your respects, and contemplate the impact of human actions and the importance of never forgetting.


Visiting German concentration camps can be a profound and transformative experience. It offers an opportunity to connect with history, pay tribute to the victims, and ensure that the tragedies of the past are never forgotten. By approaching the visit with respect, engaging with the guided tours, and reflecting on the significance of these sites, you can make your journey an educational and meaningful one.

Want to explore sachsenhausen concentration camp? Come and join us on the Original Berlin Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour.


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Why Should You Consider Taking a German Concentration Camp Tour?

Mar 7, 2024