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Which Concentration Camps near Berlin are Worth Visiting?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Concentration Camp

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When visiting Berlin, understanding its history, particularly the dark period of Nazi Germany, is essential for a complete experience. One way to immerse oneself in this history is by visiting concentration camps. Although it can be a challenging and emotional experience, it serves as a reminder of the atrocities committed during World War II. In this article, we will explore the concentration camps near Berlin that are open to the public, providing valuable insights into this significant chapter of human history.

Camp Sachsenhausen

Situated just 35 kilometers north of Berlin, Sachsenhausen is one of the most accessible concentration camps near the city. Built in 1936, it initially operated as a model camp for propaganda purposes. Eventually, it became a site for mass murder and torture during the war. Today, visitors can explore original buildings, such as the commandant’s house, barracks, punishment cells, and the execution grounds. Guided tours are available, offering historical context and personal stories.

It is critical to approach your visit to such a historical site with respect and sensitivity. Take your time to read the information provided, absorb the stories, and pay your respects to those who lost their lives.

Camp Ravensbrück

Located around 90 kilometers north of Berlin, Ravensbrück served as the main concentration camp for women. Established in 1939, it imprisoned not only female prisoners but also children and male prisoners. The site now houses a memorial and documentation center where visitors can learn about the camp’s history and the experiences of those who were incarcerated there.

When visiting Ravensbrück, take advantage of guided tours, which provide in-depth information on the camp’s operations, stories of survival, and acts of resistance. Additionally, make sure to visit the memorial dedicated to those who suffered and perished in Ravensbrück.

Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück Alternatives

If you are looking to visit concentration camps near Berlin, but prefer a less emotionally challenging experience, there are alternative options. A visit to the Topography of Terror museum in central Berlin is highly recommended. It provides comprehensive documentation on the rise of the Nazi regime, its ideologies, and the crimes committed by the SS during the war. The museum is located on the former site of the Gestapo and SS headquarters, adding an extra layer of historical significance.

Another alternative is the Memorial Site of the former Sachsenhausen camp, which is now a place for remembrance, commemoration, and education. Instead of exploring the original camp, visitors can learn about the historical context and significance of Sachsenhausen through exhibitions, guided tours, and educational programs.


Visiting concentration camps near Berlin is a profound and educational experience that allows us to reflect on the dark history of Nazi Germany and honor the memory of those who suffered. By visiting sites such as Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück, we can gain a deeper understanding of this period and ensure that we never forget the atrocities committed.

However, it is important to approach these visits with respect, sensitivity, and the understanding that they can be emotionally challenging. It is also worth considering alternative options, such as the Topography of Terror museum and the Memorial Site of Sachsenhausen, if you prefer a less emotionally intense experience. Whatever choice you make, remember that these visits offer valuable lessons and help build a better future.

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Which Concentration Camps near Berlin are Worth Visiting?

Mar 7, 2024