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What are the entry requirements for Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Concentration Camp

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The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, located in Oranienburg, Germany, was one of the largest and most notorious detention centers during the Nazi regime. It is now a memorial site and museum, preserving the memory of the atrocities committed during World War II. If you are planning to visit Sachsenhausen, it is essential to understand the entry requirements to ensure a smooth and respectful experience. In this article, we will guide you through the process and provide helpful information for your visit.

Ticket Reservation

Visitors are strongly advised to book their tickets in advance to ensure entry as there is a limited number of visitors allowed per day. Tickets can be purchased online through the official Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum website. Different types of tickets are available, including standard admission, reduced prices for students and seniors, and family tickets. It is advisable to check the website for any temporary closures or changes in visiting hours.

Guided Tours

Sachsenhausen offers guided tours led by knowledgeable and experienced guides who can provide in-depth historical context and insight into the camp’s operations. While it is not mandatory to join a guided tour, it is highly recommended as it offers a more comprehensive understanding of the site’s historical significance. Guided tours are available in multiple languages and can be booked in advance or on the day of your visit.

Visitor Information

Here are some essential details to keep in mind when planning your visit to Sachsenhausen:

  • Opening Hours: The memorial site is open daily, except for public holidays. The opening hours may vary depending on the season, so be sure to check the official website for the most up-to-date information.
  • Visitor Center: Upon arrival, visitors are encouraged to stop by the visitor center, where they can find information brochures, maps, and audio guides. The guides are available in multiple languages and are a valuable resource for learning more about the camp’s history.
  • Photography and Filming: While photography is allowed in most areas of the memorial site, it is essential to be respectful and sensitive. Flash photography and the use of tripods or selfie sticks are prohibited to maintain a respectful atmosphere.
  • Dress Code: Sachsenhausen is a place of remembrance and should be treated with the utmost respect. Visitors are advised to dress appropriately, avoiding revealing clothing or clothing with offensive symbols or messages. It is also recommended to wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved.


Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp aims to be accessible to all visitors. The memorial site provides wheelchair access, and disabled parking spaces are available. Additionally, audio guides with sign language interpretation and guided tours with special accessibility considerations are offered. Visitors with specific accessibility requirements are encouraged to contact the memorial site in advance to ensure a pleasant visit.


Visiting Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is a solemn and educational experience that provides insight into one of the darkest periods in human history. By understanding the entry requirements and following respectful behavior, you can pay tribute to the victims and ensure a meaningful visit. Remember to book your tickets in advance, consider joining a guided tour, and respect the rules and guidelines set forth by the memorial site. Sachsenhausen is a place for reflection and remembrance, and it is essential to approach your visit with the appropriate reverence.

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What are the entry requirements for Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp?

Mar 7, 2024