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Looking to Visit Sachsenhausen? Here’s Your Guide!

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Concentration Camp

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Going on a trip to Sachsenhausen can be a powerful and educational experience. As a former Nazi concentration and extermination camp, it holds immense historical significance. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know to plan your visit to Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum.

1. Understanding the Importance of Sachsenhausen

Before diving into the logistical details, it’s essential to gain an understanding of the historical significance of Sachsenhausen. This concentration camp was established by the Nazis in 1936 and served as a model for other camps that followed. It played a crucial role in the Holocaust, housing various groups targeted by the Nazis, including political prisoners, Jews, and others deemed undesirable.

2. Planning Your Visit

2.1 Choosing the Right Time to Go

Sachsenhausen is open all year round, but it’s a good idea to plan your visit during the spring or autumn months. The weather is pleasant during these seasons, and the site is generally less crowded compared to the peak summer months.

2.2 Preparing for Your Visit

When visiting a historical site like Sachsenhausen, it’s crucial to plan ahead and be prepared. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, as you will be walking for a few hours on uneven terrain.
  • Bring layers of clothing, as the weather can change throughout the day.
  • Pack some snacks and water to keep yourself hydrated and energized.
  • Consider bringing a guidebook, audio guide, or pre-downloaded digital tour to enhance your understanding of the site.

3. Getting to Sachsenhausen

3.1 By Public Transportation

Sachsenhausen is conveniently located just 35 kilometers (22 miles) north of Berlin. The easiest way to reach the memorial is by public transportation.

If you’re starting from Berlin, you can take an S-Bahn (train) from Berlin’s city center to Oranienburg. Trains depart regularly from Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Friedrichstraße, or any other major station. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes. Once you arrive in Oranienburg, you can take a local bus, like Bus 804 or Bus 821, directly to the memorial.

3.2 By Car

If you prefer to drive, Sachsenhausen is easily accessible by car. You can reach the site via Bundesautobahn 10 and Bundesstraße 273. There is ample parking available near the entrance, and it’s free of charge.

4. Exploring Sachsenhausen

Once you arrive at Sachsenhausen, you’ll find that the memorial is extensive and has much to offer. Here are some key areas of interest:

4.1 Visitor Center and Exhibition

Start your visit at the Visitor Center, where you can gather information, watch introductory films, and explore the museum exhibition. This will provide you with essential context and background knowledge before entering the camp itself.

4.2 The Prisoner Barracks

As you enter the camp, you’ll see the remaining prisoner barracks. These barracks were used to house the inmates under appalling conditions, and some are open for visitors to walk through. The exhibitions inside the barracks provide insights into the daily lives and hardships faced by the prisoners.

4.3 The Appellplatz and the Tower

The Appellplatz, the roll call square, was the central point of the camp. The prisoners were mustered here multiple times a day, enduring harsh conditions. You can also climb the Tower, which offers a panoramic view of Sachsenhausen and the surrounding area.

4.4 The Crematorium

One of the darkest areas of the camp is the crematorium. Discover the chilling facts about the mass killings and the systematic extermination carried out by the Nazis in these facilities.

5. Respect and Remember

Visiting a place with such a tragic history requires a respectful and reflective attitude. Remember to:

  • Observe silence and maintain reverence in designated areas.
  • Respect the solemnity of the site by following the rules and regulations.
  • Refrain from taking inappropriate photos or selfies.
  • Take time to reflect on the stories and lives affected by the atrocities committed here.


Visiting Sachsenhausen is a meaningful way to educate oneself about the horrors of the past and to pay tribute to those who suffered. By preparing adequately, understanding the significance of the site, and approaching the visit with respect and reflection, you will have an enriching and educational experience at Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum.

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Looking to Visit Sachsenhausen? Here’s Your Guide!

Mar 7, 2024