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How Can I Get Tickets for Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Concentration Camp

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If you are planning a visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in Germany, it is important to know how to obtain tickets to ensure a smooth and meaningful experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the different ways you can secure your tickets, as well as provide relevant information to enhance your visit.

1. Online Ticket Booking

Booking your Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp tickets online is the most convenient option. Several reputable websites offer online ticket booking services, which allow you to select the date and time of your visit in advance. This ensures that you have a reserved spot and saves you from potential disappointment due to limited availability.

Some websites also provide audio guides or guided tours as part of the ticket, which can greatly enhance your understanding of the site’s historical significance.

2. On-site Ticket Purchase

If you prefer to purchase your tickets directly at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, you can do so at the entrance. However, be aware that this option may be subject to availability, particularly during peak tourist seasons. It is advisable to arrive early to avoid long queues and potential disappointment if tickets are sold out for the day.

3. Combination Tickets

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is often included in combination tickets with other nearby historical sites or attractions. These combination tickets can provide a cost-effective way to visit multiple places of interest in one day. Consider checking for combination ticket options if you plan to explore more than just Sachsenhausen.

4. Guided Tours

Another excellent option, especially for first-time visitors or those who want a more immersive experience, is to join a guided tour. These tours are led by knowledgeable guides who can provide detailed historical and cultural insights, enhancing your understanding of the camp’s significance.

Guided tours are often available as part of online ticket bookings or can be arranged through reputable tour companies. They typically offer transportation to and from Berlin, along with a guided tour of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

5. Important Tips for Your Visit

Opening Hours and Seasons

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is open all year round, except on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. However, it’s worth noting that the camp can get crowded during peak tourist seasons, such as summer. To avoid large crowds, consider visiting during weekdays or opt for an early morning or late afternoon visit.

Comfortable Attire and Footwear

Given the historical nature of the site, it is respectful to dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear as you will likely spend several hours exploring the camp and its surroundings.

Audio Guides and Languages

If you choose to use audio guides, check whether they are available in your preferred language. Many audio guides support multiple languages, ensuring a more immersive experience for international visitors.

Photography and Filming

Photography and filming are allowed at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, although it is essential to be respectful and considerate towards both the site and other visitors. Avoid taking inappropriate selfies or engaging in any activity that may disturb the somber atmosphere of the memorial.

Allow Enough Time

Visiting Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp requires time for reflection and contemplation. Allocate sufficient time to explore the museum exhibitions, memorial sites, and watch any available films or documentaries to gain a comprehensive understanding of the camp’s history.


Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is an important historical site that teaches and commemorates the atrocities committed during the Holocaust. By obtaining tickets in advance, considering guided tours, and keeping these tips in mind, you will be better prepared to honor the memory of the victims and gain a deeper appreciation of the camp’s historical significance.

Want to explore sachsenhausen concentration camp? Come and join us on the Original Berlin Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour.


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How Can I Get Tickets for Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp?

Mar 7, 2024